Waxel World – Housing System v.0.0.1

In our latest update v.1.2.0 for the Waxel World we have hidden a special “Easter Egg” and now wanted reveal it for everyone.

In fact the special “Easter Egg” is our super early 0.0.1 version for the upcoming Housing System.
It is the first prototype to test and learn what the game engine is capable of and how to properly use it.

Keep in mind that everything is in a very early stage and therefore subject to change.

What is included?

  • A map that has a solid ground and different environment objects that you can either run over or behind as they are declared as obstacles
  • Being able to walk around as a Waxel Ninja with “WASD”
  • Being able to run around by holding “Shift”
  • Being able to dash by pressing “F”
  • Background music and sounds for walking / running and dashing
  • You can pause the game by pressing “ESC” and going back back to the previous screen by selecting “Back to Map”
  • If you have a controller connected to your PC, you can also use that one (personally tested with a Nintendo Switch controller)


Check out the following video for everything that is currently implemented:

How to access it?

  • Simply click on “Fred the Farmer” after logging in into the Waxel World
  • BTW, you don’t need any NFTs from Waxel in order to access it 🙂

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