Waxel World News #26


  1. Over time the finding of Citizens with your Waxel Ninjas is going to take longer and chances will become lower
    • After long discussions and calculations we are going to make our first adjustment regarding the finding of Citizens
    • We must admit to ourselves that the calculations for finding Citizens have been not good enough and we made a mistake
    • We also must admit to ourselves that the differences for each race were too close to each other
    • Way too many Citizens are found each day without enough demand which results in an oversupply
    • To counteract this we are going to reduce the chances of each race and make the gaps wider between each race in finding Citizens
      • With the new values the amount of found Citizens is going to be reduced by ~35%
      • The more rare the race attribute, the higher the chances compared to each other
      • For example with the current values a “Demon” is about ~2.4 times more profitable compared to a “Human” in finding Citizens
      • With the new values a “Demon” will be ~4 times more profitable
    • Here are the changes we are going to make in finding Citizens based on the race attribute:
      • Human: From 85% down to 50% (35% reduction)
      • Orc: From 87% down to 55% (32% reduction)
      • Undead: From 89% down to 62% (27% reduction)
      • Elf: From 92% down to 70% (22% reduction)
      • Demon: From 95% down to 80% (15% reduction)
    • — These changes will come into effect in 14 days on the 17th of October 2022! —
  2. Waxel Ninjas and gatherer professions will be able to find NFTs while searching / working
    • Has been introduced with the latest update to version 1.1.1 for Waxel Ninjas
    • The same system is already in place for professions and can be activated any time when a proper event is going to happen
  3. Introduction of “dynamic events”
    • See point #2
  4. Introduction of new blends
    • Will be continuously added based on our dynamic events

We are happy to be able to tick off the 4 points as all are / going to be implemented in the coming days 🙂

There is one more thing we want to talk about and that is regarding profession books:

  • We know that the price for profession books is a bit high taking all things in consideration (amount of active players, current market conditions, lack of enough material sinks etc.)
  • Our first step to make things better regarding this was the introduction of our first event “The Great Storm” as Waxel Ninjas are now able to find “Old Book Pages” in-game to blend profession books so players have a free option to progress in the game
  • The next step is going to be a price reduction of 50% on all profession books
    • This means the price of all profession books will be lowered to 2.5 WAX on the same day the chances to find citizens is going to be adjusted
    • *EDIT – 06.10.2022 – Prices have been already adjusted

Housing System

  • “Design” phase
    • Not much new happened here as we focused on the “dynamic events” system and DYGYCON #11
  • Art / assets
    • Our artist finalised all new materials and items after some adjustments according to our feedback
    • He showed us first versions of the actual “home” (outside and inside)
  • Development
    • Refactored what was done in the shown prototype to have a better code base and handling of tilesets to be quicker with the development regarding adjustments and extensions


  • Preparing for the teased “Treasure Hunt
  • Planning what we are going to do for Halloween

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