Waxel World News #25


Most probably going to release version 1.0.6 of the Waxel World in the coming days, but 1 point needs to be working properly before we can do it:

  1. Over time the finding of Citizens with your Waxel Ninjas is going to take longer and chances will become lower
    • Nothing new at the moment as other things are more important
  2. Waxel Ninjas and gatherer professions will be able to find NFTs while searching / working
    • Found some issues that we need to get rid of before we can test it thoroughly, but we have good progress and hope to get it done this week so can finally put out the next release!
  3. Introduction of “dynamic events”
    • Already started working on, but the 2nd point needs to be finished first before it can go further
  4. Introduction of new blends
    • Started with the very first “Burn Event” and more blends are in the planning for after we get the next version of the game out

We already shared some of the upcoming QoL features for the next update in the #sneak-peeks channel and there could be more.

Housing System

  • Still in the “design” phase
    • Creating actual stories, splitting up in smaller tickets and filling with a lot of details of what is needed and how it should be developed
  • Finalised all details for our artist regarding the assets that need to be drawn
    • He is currently on vacation and will be back next to then start the work on all the assets
  • I (Ryu) have been working on the integration of the gaming engine into our current code and we have some good news, it works:
    • A very early prototype was finished yesterday including a tileset for first tests and getting to know all the different features of the engine:
      • Switch between walk and run state
      • Run particles
      • Transition between move and idle animation
      • Background music and sounds like footsetps
      • Unit collision
      • Ability to run “behind” assets to create more depth

You can check out the following video of the current state:

*Keep in mind that this is still in a very early stage and things will change

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