#1 Burn Event – Citizens for Waxel Ninjas

Welcome to the very first burn event!

For our very first one we are going to start with something simple where you can burn “Citizens – 10x” NFT packs for the chance of getting 1 random Waxel Ninja in return.
We plan on doing many many more of these burn events that will get more complicated and hold more possible NFTs you can get in return for burning Citizens and possibly other NFTs.

So how does this all work?

Rules and things to consider

  • For each “Citizens – 10x” NFT pack you have a chance of 2.5% to get 1 random Waxel Ninja from a pool in return
  • The blend is open for a total of 400 blends / burns
    • There is no guarantee, that all NFTs get pulled from the pool within the 400 blends
    • It could be, that all 10 WN get pulled within the first 10 blends or none in 400 blends as this is completely luck based for everyone with a chance of 2.5% each time pulling a Waxel Ninja
  • Unfortunately there is no result popup that shows you if you got a Waxel Ninja in return or not so you have to check your wallet afterwards
  • There is also no way on the blend page itself to see if there are still Waxel Ninjas left in the pool and the blend will also not close automatically if all have been pulled
    • As chances are 2.5% (1 in 40), theoretically in about 400 blends all 10 WN could be pulled, but it is NOT guaranteed

The 10 Waxel Ninjas in the pool are the following:

Happy burning and tell us in #general if you got a Waxel Ninja 🙂

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