Waxel World News #24


As Ryu is back fully energised from his 2 week vacation, the team is again complete and work is back to full force!


While Ryu was on vacation, our developer worked further on bug fixes, new QoL features and the points we mentioned in the last Waxel World News #23.
Ryu is going to review the code and test everything that was developed in these 2 weeks.
Hopefully we will then be able to release a new version this or next week for the Waxel World:

  1. Over time the finding of Citizens with your Waxel Ninjas is going to take longer and chances will become lower
    • Still need to make a solid plan and decide what the best approach could be
  2. Waxel Ninjas and gatherer professions will be able to find NFTs while searching / working
    • First version is developed and is going to be tested this week
  3. Introduction of “dynamic events”
    • Currently in development and could reach the testing phase this or next week
  4. Introduction of new blends
    • We had several discussions and ideas what the first blends could be and most probably it will be a big “burning event”

Furthermore some pretty cool QoL features are going to be added in the next update, so you should have an eye on our #sneak-peeks channel.

Housing System

  • Besides Helena the Huntress, the next profession Larry the Leatherworker was revealed yesterday
  • In discussions with our artist regarding the next assets to work on (home, furniture, decorations etc.)
  • Going to start the “design” phase as the concept phase is finished
    • This means creating actual stories, splitting up in smaller tickets and filling with a lot of details of what is needed and how it should be developed


  • On Discord the #report-suggestions channel was removed and replaced by the new channel #ideas-feedback which holds all the information regarding our new Ideas & Feedback Hub portal
    • Again a shout-out to everyone to use the portal in order for us to get ideas and feedback directly from you, the community, in a structured way so others can participate in it and we can make the game better

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