Waxel World News #23


There was a lot of talk regarding Citizens, professions and their profession books lately.

We even started a voting with a special channel in our Discord server to discuss if the amount of needed Citizens for professions should be increased or not.
After following the discussions and looking at the results of the voting we decided to not increase the amount of needed Citizens for professions for now with the following reasoning:

  • There have been 24 votes:
    • ~50% more expensive – 8 votes
    • ~100% more expensive – 11 votes
    • Nothing – 5 votes
  • Even as the majority within this vote with 45.8% (11 votes) was for increasing the amount of needed Citizens by 100%, we think that this is not sufficiently representative enough looking at the game having about ~350 active players on a daily basis and nearly 2000 members in Discord
  • Nevertheless we thank everyone who participated in the voting and discussions as this gave us new impressions, but because of the low engagement in the voting we don’t feel confident enough in changing the amount of needed Citizens for professions at this moment as this would have a huge impact on all players
  • Instead we are going to implement 4 different things that you can find under the “Game” section in this post


While we are working on the implementation of the Housing system, we are also going to add new features that aren’t directly correlated with it as otherwise there wouldn’t be much new stuff besides QoL features and bug fixes until the release of it.
This would hurt the economy of the game as the release of the Housing system will take a good amount of time.

  1. Over time the finding of Citizens with your Waxel Ninjas is going to take longer and chances will become lower
    • This will slow down the inflation of Citizens
    • It is plausible and fits in the game / lore as Waxel Ninjas will have to travel farther and the amount of potential Citizens is becoming lower
    • We haven’t yet decided if this will be based on a fixed time (for example every x months) or after a certain total amount of found Citizens, but we will announce this several weeks in advance so you can prepare accordingly
  2. Waxel Ninjas and gatherer professions will be able to find NFTs while searching / working
    • Besides the finding of Citizens and materials we want the Waxel Ninjas and gatherer professions to also have the ability to find NFTs
    • These could be special NFTs that can only be found during a certain time frame or profession books
    • It could also be that another trait of the Waxel Ninjas could influence the chances of finding these NFTs (not yet decided which one and if it will be already introduced initially)
  3. Introduction of “dynamic events”
    • These dynamic events could be a bad thing like a natural disaster or something good like finding a new settlement that has a huge amount of potential Citizens
    • They would run for a couple days or even weeks and make the searching for Citizens and gathering for materials either harder or easier
    • They would also influence the NFTs that could be found stating in the 2nd point
  4. Introduction of new blends
    • There will be blends for Citizen packs and professions to get other NFTs (could be seen as “burning events” to lower the amount of Citizens and professions as an addition to the currently implemented burning mechanism within the game)
    • There will also be blends for the special NFTs stated in the 2nd point

All of these 4 features are pretty much interconnected and should bring in variety to make the game more fun and engaging. They will also be a great addition for the Housing system. For example the special found NFTs during events or new blends could hold unique furniture / decorations that can only be found during that time.

Housing System

  • Concept phase for the initial version is 100% finished with everything we want to have implemented such as new professions, materials, items, furniture, decorations, houses etc.
  • Art for the upcoming professions and their profession books is already finished so more sneak peeks will be coming leading to the release
  • Work on the art for all the other things is also going to be started in the coming days


  • More ads have been booked on NeftyBlocks
  • Keep your eyes open for Tuesday as there will be a very cool announcement

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