Vote – Increase the amount of needed Citizens for professions?

We got the suggestion from within the community to eventually increase the amount of needed Citizens to blend into professions in order to combat the falling prices on the secondary market regarding Citizens and professions.

As this would have a huge impact on the players and economy of the Waxel World, we didn’t want to just change something that drastic and instead first listen what the you as the community are thinking about it by opening a room to discuss it and a vote to see in what direction the community wants to go.

  • Head over to the #voting-professions channel
  • Discuss within the community what you think about it
  • Take part in the vote via this google form by selecting one of the following options:
    • 1: ~50% more expensive – Adjust blending of gatherer professions from 5 to 8 Citizens needed and refiner and crafter professions from 10 to 15
    • 2: ~100% more expensive – Adjust blending of gatherer professions from 5 to 10 Citizens need and refiner and crafter professions from 10 to 20
    • 3: Nothing – Keep it like it is with 5 Citizens needed for gatherer professions and 10 Citizens needed for refiner and crafter professions

We are doing this via a google form so you can’t see the amount of votes and who voted for what. We also require you to put in your Discord username so we know that the votes are coming from within the community.

The results will be revealed this Sunday around 6 PM CEST and based on that we will make a decision.

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