Waxel World News #22


As you know from our previous post, the next milestone will be the “Housing System” and this will be our main focus besides adding new QoL features to the game and fixing bugs to make it more stable.

Housing System

  • We are nearing the end of the concept phase, which will serve as a guideline for the upcoming months in how, what and when we want to implement
    • Next professions (more than are currently in the game) are finalised for the initial version of the housing system + extensions to it and our artist has already started drawing them so there could be sneak peeks in the coming days
    • Decision was made which new raw and refined materials are going to be added
    • For the start there will be over 15 different furniture and decoration items in multiple variations to customise your home
    • On your parcel of land you will be able build your home by starting with a tent, then being able to upgrade it to a house and then upgrade your house to be bigger / have more room (kinda like a leveling system)
  • To get a feeling for how complex things are getting, we attached a very zoomed out screenshot of our concept / brainstorming board:


  • Yesterday we released version 1.0.4 that included the “Bulk -> Check” for Waxel Ninjas in order to quicker check the result of your found Citizens but unfortunately we had to rollback as a bug occurred that simply doesn’t exist on the testnet 🙁
    • The TX for checking the result of the search sometimes did cost 100x more CPU then it should and right now we can’t really explain why but we are trying to figure it out so we can release the update as soon as possible!
  • After properly implementing the “Bulk -> Check” for Waxel Ninjas, the next thing will be to also implement it for the gatherer professions to see what materials you have found
  • We know that there are stability issues that are annoying and we try to fix them as good as we can but some of these are just out of reach for us as they are part of the overall blockchain infrastructure


  • Marketing wise we are in contact with several projects to discuss potential collaborations and one is already finalised which will be announced soon
  • We are also going to book more ads on NeftyBlocks here and there to have more exposure
  • On this Sunday we got invited by BD_AO to participate in his podcast to talk about Waxel and more (a separate announcement will be made for this)

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