Waxel World News #20 and Release Date

Wen launch?

We plan to launch the Waxel World on the 12th of July 2022!

If everything goes to plan we will be able to launch sometime during that day.
We will keep you informed about the status in our Discord server and make a big announcement when it is 100% ready.

So fasten your seat belts and get your Waxel Ninjas so you are prepared for the launch 😉


  • Town Hall:
    • 100% finished
  • Camp:
    • 100% finished
  • School:
    • 100% finished
  • Warehouse:
    • 100% finished
  • Workshop:
    • 95% finished
      • Bug in getting back 1 material after burning an item
  • Shop:
    • 100% finished

Past progress can be found in our previous Waxel World News #19.

Next steps

  • Getting rid of the last bug that we currently know of regarding the burning of items and not getting back a material
  • Of course continuous testing with our internal testers 🙂
  • Prepare everything for the main net like the creation of all schemas and templates
  • Eventually being able to add more features that haven’t been planned for the release
  • Marketing for the launch

PS: We also just lowered the secondary market fee from 10% to 6% 😉

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