Waxel World News #19

Time for some more Waxel World news, right? šŸ˜‰

  • Town Hall:
    • 100% finished
  • Camp:
    • 100% finished
  • School:
    • 90% finished
      • Formula for found materials after sending professions to “Work” still needs some tweaks
  • Warehouse:
    • 100% finished
  • Workshop:
    • 90% finished
      • Missing feature for having a chance of getting back 1 material after burning it
  • Shop:
    • 100% finished
  • General:
    • Some bugs that still need to be ironed out

Past progress can be found in our previousĀ Waxel World News #18.

If you have missed it, here are the 2 videos we shared this week in ourĀ Discord #sneak-peeks channel:

School – Blending Profession Feature

School – Crafting Item Feature

Next steps

  • Ironing out the remaining bugs and preparing everything to have a stable version for the launch
  • Of course continuous testing
  • Internal testing is running smooth
    • So far we got good feedback and constructive suggestions to make the game better
    • Eventually we will be able to add some of the suggestions for the launch version, but we can’t guarantee it

Wen launch?

As you can see we are making very good progress and the game is already in a good state, but unfortunately we won’t be able to release this month.
We are very sorry, but there are still some bugs that need to be fixed before we will be confident enough for a launch.

We are very confident that the release of the Waxel World will happen around mid July 2022!

That way we will be able to make sure we release a polished game and will also have more time to advertise it properly.

As already mentioned a couple of times in Discord we planned to lower the secondary market fee for the launch of the Waxel World. As we won’t be able to release this month, we at least wanted lower the fee.
This means we will already lower the secondary market fee from 10% to 6% on the 1st of July 2022!

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