Waxel World News #18

Let us get straight to the updates 🙂

  • Town Hall:
    • 100% finished
  • Camp:
    • 100% finished
  • School:
    • 70% finished
      • Missing of the “Burn” feature of a profession
      • Bugs in the work / item / craft features
    • Registering and unregistering of professions
    • Send professions to work in order to find materials
    • Registering and unregistering of the mine, forest and field settlement upgrade NFTs
    • Blending of all 7 professions
    • Equipping and unequipping of items
    • Crafting of items
  • Warehouse:
    • 50% finished
      • Missing of the minting materials as an NFT pack feature
      • Missing of the burning material NFT packs to add materials to the account
    • Overview of all materials and the amount that are in the logged in wallet
    • Dedicated details page for each item
  • Workshop:
    • 90% finished
      • Missing of the “Burn” feature of an item
    • Overview of all items and the amount that are in the logged in wallet
    • Dedicated details page for each item with general info regarding the item and listing of each one in the bottom half of the panel showing left uses and if it is equipped or not
    • “Craft” / “Equip” / “Unequip” buttons navigate directly to the “School” panel with the pre-selected profession that can craft / equip / unequip the specific item
  • Shop:
    • 100% finished

Past progress can be found in our previous Waxel World News #17.

If you have missed it, here are the 2 videos we shared this week in our Discord #sneak-peeks channel:

School – Work Feature

School – Refine Feature

Next steps

  • Finish of the last features
  • Smart contract adjustments as we found some bugs in this area
  • Further testing, writing bugs, fixing them etc.
  • Instead of working further on the “actual” gameplay elements such as being able to walk around with a Waxel Ninja, I (Ryu) focused on helping fixing bugs for the Waxel World and implement some of the easier stuff which I will focus further on until I reach a point where I can’t help anymore and then focus again on the gameplay elements

Lookout for the week ahead

  • As we still have Waxel Ninja packs in store and the birthday ended last week, we will again have weekend raffle
  • Eventually the announcement of internal testing with community members for next week!
    • We will do this as soon as we get all features implemented and the current nasty bugs are fixed

PS: We are getting closer in feeling confident for an actual release date!

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