Waxel World News #17

After all the DYGYCON craze leading to the event and afterwards, it is time for an update regarding the Waxel World!

Current development status

As you already know our previous developer suddenly stopped communicating with us, but we have been smart enough to already search for a new one who joined our team about 2,5 weeks ago.

Unfortunately our new developer had to find out that our previous developer didn’t make a good job while looking at the code base and a lot of code was simply missing. Even new features have been developed and we were able to test them, our new developer had to rewrite a lot of the previous code and add functionalities that have been already working but the code was missing… all in all we lost about 3-4 weeks because of that as our new developer had to redo pretty much everything (it was not even possible to mint Waxel Ninjas via the UI anymore).

But there is light at the end of the tunnel! We are now at a good pace as he gets more and more familiar with the complete code base, cleaned up pretty much everything to work properly and added a lot of the missing code / features.

Looking at the following list this is now the current status after all the trouble:

  • Town Hall:
    • 100% finished
  • Camp:
    • 99% finished (1 small bug is remaining)
  • School:
    • Registering and unregistering of professions
    • Send professions to work in order to find materials
    • Registering and unregistering of the mine, forest and field settlement upgrade NFTs
    • Limit ist applied accordingly and bonus in gathering 5% more resources is also working correctly for all gatherers (e.g. instead of gathering 1 “Copper Ore” it will always be 1.05 “Copper Ore” for all registered miners)
    • NEW – Blending of professions was integrated
  • Warehouse:
    • Display the correct amount of how many materials you are holding per material type
    • Open according details page for every single material
  • Workshop:
    • Nothing
  • Shop:
    • 100% finished
  • General:
    • Clicking on the account name now closes all other panels / modals in order to see the logout modal (previously it was hidden behind the other opened panels)
    • Overhaul of the economy

Next steps

  • Testing every time a new code is commited, writing bugs, fixing them etc.
  • While our developer is working on the release version, I (Ryu) am now focusing on getting in the very first “actual” gameplay elements such as being able to walk around with a Waxel Ninja (I’m only working on this when there is nothing new to test for the release version of the Waxel World)
    • We already shared a video in our Discord #sneak-peeks channel today about being able to freely move around with an actual Waxel Ninja via the keyboard:

*Keep in mind that this is in a VERY early development phase

Lookout for the week ahead

  • As we still have Waxel Ninja packs in store, there will of course be another weekend raffle
  • Blog post regarding the overhaul of the economy with a lot of details about what and why

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