Tristan the Travelling Merchant joins the Waxel World

Please give a warm welcome to Tristan the Travelling Merchant:

You could think that after Larry, Tristan should be the 10th profession but that is not the case.
If you kept up with our updates in the last weeks, you should know that we are planning to give the Waxel World more depth while simultaneously working on the Housing system. This is going to happen via special events / blends and Tristan will play a big part in these.

As Tristan is a travelling merchant, he has to travel all around the Waxel World to find and trade special / rare goods.
From time to time he is going to visit your settlement and you will be able to trade different goods with him.
Some of those could be very special / rare and only available for a limited time. So keep your eyes open for when he is going to visit you for the first time.

Of course Tristan also joined our Discord server as an emoji 😉

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