Spooktober Event Statistics

Spooktober is over and we have some statistics regarding our event for you: 

A total of 988 parts have been found within the last week, divided into the following parts: 

  • Tombstone Part #1: 95x
  • Tombstone Part #2: 88x
  • Tombstone Part #3: 87x
  • Tombstone Part #4: 96x
  • Tombstone Part #5: 92x
  • Tombstone Part #6: 78x

The current amount of blended Tombstone – Coupon NFTs is 15x.

  • Cauldron Part #1: 60x
  • Cauldron Part #2: 65x
  • Cauldron Part #3: 65x
  • Cauldron Part #4: 48x
  • Cauldron Part #5: 62x
  • Cauldron Part #6: 63x

The current amount of blended Cauldron – Coupon NFTs is 7x.

  • Pumpkin Part #1: 27x
  • Pumpkin Part #2: 30x
  • Pumpkin Part #3: 22x
  • Pumpkin Part #4: 37x
  • Pumpkin Part #5: 38x
  • Pumpkin Part #6: 27x

The current amount of blended Pumpkin – Coupon NFTs is 4x.

Keep in mind that you can blend the NFT parts until next Halloween and if you still miss a part or two to blend them into the respective NFT coupons, just ask in our #trades Discord channel or on Twitter (if you tag us we can share it too). 

As soon as we have everything ready for the housing system, you will be able to blend the coupon NFTs into the real furniture / decoration NFTs and place them in your personal home. 

We hope you had fun searching the parts and we can’t wait for the next weeks which will be full of news, cooperations, giveaways, the next DYGYCON and of course Christmas…

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