Details about gathering and refining materials in the Waxel World

About a week ago we showed you the details about Waxel Ninjas finding citizens in the Waxel World and today we want to do the same regarding the finding and refining of materials in the Waxel World.

Without much talking, here are the values we came up with while theory crafting.

Gathering raw materials:

RarityProbabilityTime to find
material (in hours)
What the
“Miner” gathers
What the
“Lumberjack” gathers
What the
“Farmer” gathers
Common80%8Copper oreBirchCotton
Uncommon17%8Tin oreOakFlax
Rare3%8Iron oreTeakSilkworms

Refining raw materials into refined materials:

RarityTime to refine
material (in hours)
What the
“Miner” refines
What the
“Lumberjack” refines
What the
“Farmer” refines
Common13x Copper ore = 1x Copper bar3x Birch = 1x Birch wood3x Cotton = 1x Wool
Uncommon13x Tin ore = 1x Tin bar3x Oak = 1x Oak wood3 Flax = 1x Linen
Rare13x Iron ore = 1x Iron bar3x Teak = 1x Teak wood3x Silkworms = 1x Silk

Reasoning behind these values

Gathering materials:

  • We deem that 8 hours for gathering materials is in a sweet spot that is not too short and not too long compared to finding citizens with your Waxel Ninjas that will take between 12 and 24 hours
  • With 8 hours you can pretty much gather 3 raw materials every day with a general sleep schedule of +-8 hours each day and can still compete with people who use bots (they will not be allowed and accounts get banned if we find out about it!)
  • There will be a 100% success rate in gathering a material every time
    • We didn’t want to add a failure rate here like we have it for finding citizens, because in this case your luck should be determined by how rare the raw material will be that you gather and not if you gather one at all or not

Refining materials:

  • We wanted to have something that shows that refining also takes “real” effort and should take a certain amount of time, but nothing to crazy so 1 hour should be more than enough
  • As you will always need 3 raw materials of the same type to get the refined one, you more or less get a refined one every day with just 1 gatherer


We are eager to hear your opinion and constructive feedback over in ourĀ #general channel in Discord.
This is just for the beginning of the Waxel World so we have a starting point. The values can be changed any time. If the community finds a better solution and the majority of it wants to change them, we will consider it and come up with a better solution.

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