Details about Waxel Ninjas finding Citizens in the Waxel World

There have already been several discussions in our Discord server regarding the Waxel Ninjas and what the differences will be regarding the time and chance to find citizens based on the race in the Waxel World.

During these discussions we already stated several times that the difference between the races won’t be too high and the time how long a search will take will be multiple hours, not minutes.

After a lot of theory crafting and internal discussions, this is what we think could be good values for finding citizens:

RaceTime to find
a citizen (in hours)
Chance to find
a citizen

Reasoning behind these values

What you instantly can see is that the difference between a human (common) and up to demon (legendary) is not too big.
Some people might feel that this is unfair if they got lucky enough in getting an elf or demon in one of their pack, but we can guarantee you that a lot of thought went into this. So please read the following lines to understand the reasoning behind these values.

Time to find a citizen:

  • 24 hours as the base so players have a reason to come to the Waxel World each day, start the search and know that the next day they will be able to see the result
  • Not shorter than 8 hours so normal players can compete with bots (somehow we human tend to sleep +-8 hours a day) which would be able to start a search like every hour without the player to ever bother about the game anymore
  • Clicking on a button every 30 or 60 minutes is not the most fun thing to do in the world and it would feel like you really have to do it every hour because otherwise you are missing out on a new citizen, start to hate it after a while because it feels like a job and either stop playing or just use a bot

Chance to find a citizen:

  • Have another parameter that has influence on finding citizens besides the time
  • With a chance of at least 85%, players on average will only fail to find a citizen 1 out of 5-6 times
  • Imagine you would have only 1 human Waxel Ninja and the chance of finding a citizen would be at 50%
    • You would fail to find a citizen every other search after waiting for 24 hours and at 50% chance it is very possible that you would fail several times in a row
    • This would be very frustrating and you would most probably quit the game in anger after a couple of days
  • Having a 100% chance in finding citizens would be kinda boring and you wouldn’t have that little excitement every time you click on the “Check” button in order to see if your search was successful or not


  • The most important part for us is that playing should also be enjoyable for players that only have 1-3 Waxel Ninjas (most probably human or orc)
    • They should also be able to somehow compete with people that got lucky in getting an elf or demon Waxel Ninja in their packs or have enough funds to simply buy them on the secondary market and completely dominate the economy of the Waxel World
  • The race trait (and all the other traits) should not only be seen in regards to the benefits you get from it in finding citizens
    • It also has the collectible value in having a more rare Waxel Ninja
    • The different visuals are important, because everyone knows that demons looks way cooler than (punny) humans 😉
    • As we are at the very beginning of the Waxel World, there could be more benefits in the future for holding more rare Waxel Ninjas

So these are the values we came up with and think that they look promising.
We are eager to hear your opinion and constructive feedback over in our #general channel in Discord.
This is just for the beginning of the Waxel World so we have a starting point. The values can be changed any time. If the community finds a better solution and the majority of it wants to change them, we will consider it and come up with a better solution.

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