Waxel Rush – Update 1.1.0

Just one week after the release of Waxel Rush, we are pumping out the first big update to version 1.1.0 including a complete new level! Content including in this update: Please reload the Waxel Rush play page and empty your cache in order to get the newest game client loaded. (ctrl + f5) Next steps PS: We …

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Release of “Waxel Rush”

It is time to show you what we have been working on the past weeks. Our 2nd game “Waxel Rush“, an endless runner / infinite runner with the known Waxel pixel art style and your beloved Waxel Ninjas just got released! You can play right away by opening the Waxel Rush page and logging in …

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Waxel World News #27

After a bumpy start and several updates, we are finally in a pretty stable state regarding the current Waxel World as transactions are propagated correctly with just occasional issues here and there

Cat Stickers x Waxel – Collaboration Drop

If you follow our Twitter account, you already know that we are going to have a collaboration drop with Cat Stickers! It will be a special Waxel Ninja Cat Sticker NFT designed by Sas that you will be able to get on the 12th of November at 8 PM CEST. For more details about the …

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Waxel Ninjas – New Trait Influence: EYES!

With the release of the Waxel World, only the “Race” trait of the Waxel Ninjas had an influence in the game. Depending on how rare the “Race” trait of your Waxel Ninja is, the faster and with a higher chance he is able to find Citizens. Today we are going to implement the “Eyes” trait …

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Waxel Ninjas – New Trait Influence?

Pretty much all of you know that the Waxel Ninjas have 10 different traits, but at the moment only the “Race” trait has an influence in the Waxel World. We wanted to inform you that we are going to introduce another trait that will have an influence in the Waxel World next week! It will …

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