Current State and Future of Waxel #2

The ones that are still here know that it has been pretty quiet here lately, so we wanted to share some details regarding Waxel and its potential future. Everyone knows that we have been forced to treat Waxel like a hobby project since June last year as shared in this blog post. We then tried …

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Waxel PFP – 40% Discount Until Mint End

We decided to reduce the price for each Waxel PFP by 40% until the mint ends!So each Waxel PFP can now be purchased for 30 $WAXP down from 50 $WAXP on Reasoning behind this: Also if anyone has missed the new added utilities since the drop started: Bonus: We added a 10% referral fee …

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Waxel PFP – 500 Mining Power for Wombat Dungeon Master

We just wanted to inform you, that the Waxel PFP NFTs have been added to the Wombat Dungeon Master game! Each Waxel PFP NFT gives 500 Mining Power for the “Iron” material! So go get your Waxel PFP, stake it in the game and earn some of that sweet Iron 😉

Waxel PFP – 10th Trait Reveal

We kept the 10th trait a secret for a while now, but with the release this month it is time to reveal it. The 10th trait is going to be a “Pet“! It will be one of the rarer traits in general and is going to be displayed at the bottom left. Currently we have …

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Waxel PFP – Update

Time to give you an update on the current progress of the Waxel PFP. Attributes Collabs Release Date Examples

Waxel PFP – Attributes

Let us have a deeper look at what attributes there are going to be for the Waxel PFP and show some examples so you get a better understanding of how they are going to be build together. There are going to be the following 9 attributes: *The number in brackets indicates how many variations we …

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