Adjustment to the Waxel World economy

As stated in our latest Waxel World News #17 we wanted to inform you today about the changes we are going to make for the Waxel World economy.


Before we even started with the development of theĀ Waxel World, we made a big Google sheet with all the important information and formulas regarding the balancing for it. Some weeks ago we found a service calledĀ Machinations and were able to run simulations based on these values.
We made a post about this roughly a weeks ago that you can find here.
Thanks to that service we got very good data regarding the potential future of the economy of the Waxel World and realised that we can make things better by adjusting certain values.


Uses for gatherer professions (Miner / Lumberjack / Farmer):

InfoTime to find material
(In hours)

Uses for refiner and crafter professions (Blacksmith / Carpenter / Tailor / Engineer):

InfoUses for
Blacksmith / Carpenter / Tailor
Uses for

Probability for finding materials with gatherer professions:


Also values regarding items have been completely adjusted, but we will make a more detailed post about items in the coming days, as we didn’t have one yet at all.


  • If we would stick to our initial values, way too many materials would have been found each day which would lead to a pretty fast inflation
  • There would be way too many common materials compared to uncommon and rare ones
  • Items would need to have pretty low boosts as otherwise they would lead to an even higher inflation rate regarding finding of materials and therefore not have much incentive to craft them in the first place
  • You can check the difference between the old and new values in the following graphics:

Simulation with new values

Simulation with old values


  • 66% more materials will be generated each day and therefore the market won’t be flooded (lower inflation)
  • Better material distribution between common / uncommon / rare
  • Higher focus on items as they can now give a significant boost
  • Gatherer professions will still be alive for approximately 20 days
  • Users will be able to stake fewer WAX as they won’t need to use a gatherer profession 3 times a day
  • WAX ram costs for keeping the game alive will be lower by about 50%

*Keep in mind that we are still in the testing phase and these values are not 100% fixed

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