Waxel x AtomicHub’s Green Christmas Event

As we stated in our Waxel’s Festive Season 2022, we are part of AtomicHub’s Green Christmas Event.

You can find all details regarding what this project is all about here, but let us give you a quick overview:

  • Running between December 12-23
  • Collect 1 of 6 special NFTs from 6 different projects that change every 2 days during that time
  • Receive the special NFT of each project by doing good and offsetting at least 25kg of carbon to help and save the environment
  • Anyone that collects all 6 event NFTs will receive an NFT Stocking, as well as a portion of the final WAX prize pool
  • To be eligible to receive the prize, users must hold all 6 event NFTs in the same wallet by the time the snapshot on January 4 at 23:59 UTC is taken
  • Event NFTs CAN be traded until this date, so if you wish to purchase any NFTs you are missing, keep an eye on the secondary market

What project did Waxel select to contribute to?

“Southern Cardamom protects 497,000 hectares of lowland tropical rainforest in Cambodia’s Cardamom Rainforest landscape. The Cardamoms are a critical part of the Indo-Burma global biodiversity hotspot – one of the planet’s highest conservation priorities. Their forests are threatened by illegal logging for high value timber, fuel for Cambodia’s garment factories, and deforestation by outsiders for land sales. The project addresses these threats by supporting communities and local government with protected area management, law enforcement, and by helping to develop alternative livelihoods that depend on forests and biodiversity.”

  • This is the special NFT we created for this cause:

How to get the special Waxel NFT?

  • The time period for our NFT is from the 18th to 19th of December
    • It starts at 00:01 UTC on the first day, and ends at 23:59 UTC on the second day
  • Head over to the secondary market of our collection
  • Select any Waxel NFT and click on “Buy”
  • On the actual buy popup you need to make sure that you check “Want to Offset CO2?” and select at least 25 kg like shown in this screenshot:
  • Then make the final purchase by clicking on “Buy” in the popup

Want to offset more carbon?

  • Keep in mind that offsetting 25 KG is just the minimum and you can go as high as you want to help the Southern Cardamom project
  • Additionally we from Waxel could also benefit from this as the projects with the highest offset can win the following:
    • 1. prize – $1000 worth of AtomicAds credits
    • 2. prize – $750 worth of AtomicAds credits
    • 3. prize – $500 worth of AtomicAds credits
    • Also all three winners will be featured on the AtomicHub homepage hero carousel in January!

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