Waxel World – Update 1.1.2

In this update we mainly focused on updating the smart contract and fixing 2 pesky bugs.

Content including in this update:

  • Adjusted smart contract to easily change “formulas” for the blending of professions via a smart contract action
  • Adjusted “Shop” to show new prices for profession books (down from 5 to 2.5 WAX)
  • Fixed bug (hopefully) regarding gatherer professions suddenly getting 18446744073709551615 uses
  • Fixed bug where professions stayed registered to the account they originated from after transferring to another account or getting burned while being registered in the game

Please reload the play page and empty your cache in order to get the newest game client loaded. (ctrl + f5)

Next steps

  • Working on the next event and something special regarding Waxel Ninjas

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