Waxel World – Update 1.1.0

Finally a new update went live for Waxel World and it is a big one!
Therefore instead of going from version 1.0.5 to 1.0.6, we are going straight to 1.1.0.

Content including in this update:

New Features:

  • Finding of extra NFTs while searching with Waxel Ninjas and gatherer professions
  • With this feature we will be able to bring in way more depth into the game as we will be able to create loot tables with a lot of different NFTs that can be found and used in recipes to blend into other NFTs
  • The feature is 99% implemented, but not yet activated as we have a UI bug and haven’t decided yet on what the first extra NFTs should be and the chances for finding them
    • As we didn’t want you to wait even longer with an update of the Waxel World, we decided to go live in this current state
*Just an example of found extra NFTs
  • Checkbox to select / unselect all Waxel Ninjas and professions in the bottom panel for quicker bulk actions
  • Added “Bulk -> Burn” for all professions
  • Added “Unequip All” to unequip all items that are currently equipped on 1 profession
  • Display amount of Citizens and materials that are currently in your account and amount of according NFT packs you have in your wallet
  • Initialization of mutable attribute “Work (uses left)” for professions is now directly set after blending instead of when the professions is registered to the game for the first time
  • Initialization of mutable attribute “Durability (uses left)” for items is now directly set after crafting instead of when the item is equipped for the first time
  • Both of these adjustments ensures that in the future there won’t be any professions / items without mutable attributes which will make searching on the secondary market easier

Bug fixes:

  1. Sometimes the “Search Result” popup was displayed after executing the “Search” function
  2. Error “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘match’)” shouldn’t occur as often anymore
  3. “Bulk” button was missing after blending of profession
  4. Sometimes the blended profession was not displayed directly after the blend
  5. Registering / unregistering of settlement upgrades lead to “Unable to push message” error
  6. Professions and Waxel Ninjas shouldn’t be stuck in “Check” status as much as before
  7. Values in the “Result” popups for found Citizens / materials often displayed “0x”, but the correct amount has been found in the background
    • That issue shouldn’t occur as often anymore

Please reload the play page and empty your cache in order to get the newest game client loaded. (ctrl + f5)

Next steps

  • Deciding what the first extra NFTs should be for sending out your Waxel Ninjas and activating of that feature
  • Working on further features besides the housing system
  • Fixes of bugs
  • Working on further QoL features

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