Waxel World – Update 1.0.4

Just a quick update that we wanted to push out because of the API endpoint issues.

Content including in this update:

  1. Added selection of different API endpoints while logging in:
    • NeftyBlocks = USA
    • EOS Amsterdam = Netherlands
    • Hive = USA
    • EOS Rio = Brazil
    • AtomicHub = Europe (the default one we used since launch but has issues since the beginning of the week)
  2. Added “CryptoLions” and “Pink” as a new WAX endpoint you can choose from
  3. Switched the default WAX endpoint to “Pink” as the “Greymass” endpoint is the most used one on the WAX blockchain and therefore has the highest load

Please reload the play page and empty your cache in order to get the newest game client loaded.

Next steps

  • Getting out the “Bulk -> Check” for Waxel Ninjas and gatherer professions
    • We most probably found the issue why CPU costs occasionally went up 100x on the check function and will test this starting next week

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