Waxel World – Update 1.0.3

In this update we mainly focused on getting in more stability for the game and a little QoL feature.

Content including in this update:

  1. Added “Buy” buttons for profession books and Citizens in “Blend” popup
  2. Added a “full screen” button at the bottom right
    • Keep in mind that the graphics could glitch depending on your screen resolution, as we are using pixel art graphics that can’t be scaled properly to every resolution
  3. Tweaked the handling of WAX endpoints so now all transactions are using the endpoint you have selected while logging in
  4. Adjusted info message for when you try to equip an item, but don’t have one in your inventory that can be equipped
  5. Fixed bug where starting a 2nd refining process would lead to “Cannot start another process yet.”
  6. Fixed bug where the limit for your gatherers was set to 5 instead of 10, when the first action with a new account would be the adding of a Citizens pack instead of registering a Waxel Ninja or profession

Please reload the play page and empty your cache in order to get the newest game client loaded.

Next steps

  • Our main focus will still be getting in more stability to the game
    • We are still facing a bugs regarding stability on the mainnet, that don’t exist on the testnet
    • This is especially an issue for players that use the WAX Cloud Wallet as the wallet behaves differently compared to Anchor and there is no possibility of testing with the WAX Cloud Wallet on the testnet as it simply doesn’t exist there…
  • Most of you are screaming for a “Bulk” feature regarding the “Check” of search and work results
    • Good news is that it will be implemented, but we can’t give an eta as getting in more stability is the most important thing at the moment
  • There won’t be any special mobile version in the foreseeable future, as our game is developed with Unity for WebGL and our team is too small to also develop + maintain an Android and iOS version
    • The WebGL technology is not suited for mobile versions so the game can work on your mobile device, but it is not guaranteed
    • More details regarding WebGL can be found here

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