Waxel World release postponed

Hey Waxels!

As you all know we planned on releasing the Waxel World this year, but unfortunately we won’t be able to and have to postpone it 🙁

Releasing a product of high quality is one of the most important aspects for us and in the current state we haven’t reached that goal yet.
Rushing things is never a good idea (especially while working on blockchain related stuff that can’t be edited) and therefore we will only release when everything meets our quality standards.

You can be damn sure that we want to have the Waxel World released as much as you in order to use our Waxel Ninjas and we are working damn hard to finally be able to do that!

Our current estimation is that we will be able to release the Waxel World in early to mid of Q1 2022.
As usual we will regularly keep you updated with the development status and the current one is as follows:

  • Smart contracts 99% ready
  • Art / assets 90% ready
  • UI / UX 20% ready
  • Website rework 85% ready

Also to have the whole “pixel art retro feeling” we decided to add background music for the title and ingame screen.
We already found the perfect musician for that task, who will deliver 2 masterpieces for us.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, apologise for this and hope you can understand our decision.

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