Waxel World on DappRadar

We just wanted to inform you, that we got listed on DappRadar!

For anyone that doesn’t know what DappRadar is:

“DappRadar is the biggest Web3 dapp distribution platform, we are The World’s Dapp Store. One million users per month use DappRadar to discover new dapps, gain insights into DeFi and NFT collections, or to learn more about GameFi and play-to-earn gaming. Established in 2018, DappRadar has now become a prominent discovery platform in the Web3 industry, providing insights to investors, journalists, researchers, media and of course consumers.” (Source)

With the addition to DappRadar we get a bit more exposure to the outside world and some statistics for you to have a look at.
The more users are going to interact with our game / smart contract, the higher we will be displayed in the rankings.

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