Waxel World News #9

After we already had a closer look at the professions, we now want to have a closer look the items that will be implemented in the release version of the Waxel World:

  • each gatherer profession will be able to equip 3 different items
  • each item will boost the efficiency of the gatherer profession in a certain aspect
  • each item will also come in 3 different rarities
  • this means that there will be 27 items in total
  • items will only be able to be crafted by certain professions and the more rare an item is, the longer it will take to craft it
  • in order to not oversaturate the economy, each item will have a “durability” attribute (uses of how often an item can be used)
  • to also have a purpose for not anymore useable items, you will be able to destroy them whenever you want and have a chance of getting a material back that was needed to craft it

Let us take the Pickaxe as an example that the gatherer profession Max the Miner will be able to equip in order to be more efficient while working:

  • Rarities:
    • Copper Pickaxe (common)
    • Tin Pickaxe (uncommon)
    • Iron Pickaxe (rare)
  • Materials needed for the Copper Pickaxe:
    • 2x Copper bar
    • 2x Birch wood
    • 1x Wool
  • Boost: x% luck (find a 2nd raw material while working)
  • Durability: x uses
  • Crafted by: Bob the Blacksmith
  • The Tin Pickaxe and Iron Pickaxe will need the same amount of materials, but of higher rarity and therefore will also give a higher % boost
  • If you take a closer look at the items, you can see that the colors match the colors of the 3 different refined materials that have been used to craft them πŸ˜‰

Keep in mind that we can’t tell the exact numbers yet (% boost efficiency and uses), because we are still in the testing phase and things could change.
We plan on starting with rather conservative numbers and then go higher if needed!
For this we will closely listen to the feedback of the community after the release, in order to tweak the numbers.

The Waxel World shall be community driven by you and us!

In the coming days we will drop the other items bit by bit in our in our Discord server πŸ˜‰

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