Waxel World News #6


  • After a long search we finally found the perfect artist, that will help aus creating all the assets for the Waxel World
    • Title screen, ingame screen, professions, materials, items etc.
  • Stay tuned for the first artworks, that we will be able to share with you soon


We are making good progress on the development side and the following things are already working:

  • Register Waxel Ninjas
  • Search for Citizens
  • Update the search status accordingly (idle / found / failed)
  • Found Citizens are added and updated to user’s Citizen’s balance
  • Citizens can be minted as Citizens NFT and user’s Citizen balance amount is updated accordingly
  • Check if ressource requirements are met to blend new Professions NFT and mint it
  • Minted Profession NFT is registered to user’s account

Updated roadmap:

We overhauled the roadmap page completely and added the following for extending the Waxel World for 2022+:

  • Leaderboards
  • Referral system
  • New professions (hunter, fisher, cook etc.)
  • Food & energy system
  • Buildings
  • Waxel Hero (actual usable ingame character with different outfits, armor, weapons etc. with whom you will be able to run around in your settlement)
  • Missions / Dungeons
  • Companions / Pets
  • Lore
  • Waxel Town(s)
  • Creation of our own Waxel token
  • Lending system
  • Staking system

After the release of the Waxel World we first will need to see how the economy evolves and gather feedback.
Only after that has happened we will be able to have a more narrowed down timeline on what will be done first and when.
These are the current ideas we have and we are sure that there are way more.

We want to evolve the Waxel World with you, the community, together!

As you can see, we are just at the beginning of Waxel and everyone that is already here is VERY early 😉

PS: Tomorrow on the 22nd of November at 7PM CET I will be live in the podcast of NFT Gamer TV

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