Waxel World News #4

Time for some Waxel World news!

Base game concept

  • The base gaming concept for version 1.0 is ready!
  • We will start with 7 professions
  • 3 of these professions will be able to gather 3 different raw materials in 3 different rarity grades (uncommon / common / rare)
  • 3 other professions will be able to refine the raw materials into refined materials and create items out of the refined materials
  • The 7th profession is a specialist that won’t be able to refine materials, but create more complex items
  • There will be 9 different items in 3 different rarity grades (uncommon / common / rare)
  • Each of the items will have different boosts for the 3 professions that gather the raw materials (higher rarity chance / luck (2nd material) / extra)
  • We also decided to remove the failure rate for gathering raw materials as we found a solution for the high mint costs so your professions will always be able to bring something home 😉
  • !!! Keep in mind that this is planned for the initial version of the Waxel World and we are going to add way more materials, professions, items and complete new gaming features after the release !!!

Current development status

  • Able to login and logout with WAX Cloud wallet and Anchor
  • Able to register your Waxel Ninjas to your account
  • Able to search for citizens
  • You can checkout the attached screenshots of the current development stage
    • These are just examples for testing and the whole UI and assets will look different when we realease

What we are currently working on

  • Do calculations and run tests for everything to have a good balance for all assets and game mechanics
    • Timings how long it should take to find new citizens and gather materials, refine materials and create items
    • How many citizens are needed to blend into a profession
    • How often should a profession be able to work before being too old
    • How durable should items be
    • And much more…
  • Plan the UI / UX for all features
  • Adjust the website and social media channels to show the complete focus on the Waxel World
    • The people out there need to know that we are going to be a Play 2 Earn / Play and Earn project and not “just” a collectible

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