Waxel World News #21


The day really came and we launched the Waxel World on the 12th of July as it was planned!

There have been hiccups here and there during the launch and we had to go into maintenance mode 2 times today, but we fixed the issues and are back again. Hopefully the smart contract is now solid and we can focus on the UI 🙂

A big THANK YOU goes out to everyone for being here with us for over a year as we wouldn’t be able to achieve this without your constant support.
Also thank you very much for being cool about us having to go into maintenance mode today and understand that these things just happen.

Current issues

  • We know that there are a lot of issues regarding transactions on the blockchain not really going through and the UI not always updating correctly
    • The game behaves way better on the testnet and we didn’t expect to be so much different on the mainnet (many issues never appeared there we are currently facing)
    • Also there is no way of testing with the WAX Cloud Wallet on the testnet as you can only use the Anchor wallet there so we haven’t been able to test with the WAX Cloud Wallet at all
  • The game breaks completely if you confirm a transaction and switch directly to something else instead of waiting for the response and letting the UI update

Next steps

  • Our highest priority now is going to fix the issues mentioned
  • For that we will add a loading indicator after you confirm a transaction and display it until the transaction has been registered on the blockchain
  • We are also going to add the result / response of the transaction to be displayed in the UI of the game
    • We haven’t added that, because if you use the Anchor it shows you the result / response of the transaction but unfortunately that is not the case for the WAX Cloud Wallet
  • As we don’t want to ping everyone each time in Discord to inform about the status of the game (suddenly having to go into maintenance mode and being live again), we are going to use the @Minor Updates role from now on
    • If you want to get these game status updates, please head over to the #get-your-role channel and get it there

PS: This was the very first step of a long journey ahead for Waxel and we will try our best to make things better day after day

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