Waxel World News #2

Guess it is time to drop some new information regarding the Waxel World.

Initially we planned on launching the Waxel World with a “Land Plot” sale and having these as the core for the Waxel Ninja Continent, but we decided to go in another direction and let the Waxel Ninjas Collectible (WNC) be the core of the Waxel World:

  • This means that every single WNC will pretty much work like a land plot you most probably know from other NFT games
  • By having a WNC you will find new citizens and based on the race attribute of your WNC you will be able to find them faster (some of the other attributes will have other benefits in the future)
  • The citizens are pretty much the starting point which will open up countless possibilities
  • These are the first ideas / examples and there will be way more stuff

We will now let the attached image speak for itself, so you guys can make your own thoughts and discuss everything in Discord

Time to grab your own Waxel Ninjas Collectibe and be part of the Waxel World in Q4 2021!

PS: This is work in progress and therefore subject to change

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