Waxel World News #14

This time we are having good news for you 🙂

We are very well on track with the development and found a new developer last week!
She started last week, is fully onboarded and already finished the first tasks connecting the new pixel art UI with the smart contracts part.

Current development status

  • Smart contracts: 99% finished
    • We will know if everything is 100% ready when we will be able to test everything together with the UI
  • New pixel art UI: 100% finished!
    • All screens / views, popups and connections between each other are ready for the the initial version of the Waxel World and can be used to connect with the smart contracts part
    • Now I (Ryu) can focus on tweaking stuff here and there and already work on further things that didn’t have to be finished for the initial version 😉
  • Connecting smart contracts with new pixel art UI: 5% finished
    • The new developer already finished the first tasks which are logging in with Anchor and WAX cloud wallet, logging out and updating the amount of Waxel Ninjas you are holding in your wallet in the top left resources panel
    • She is now working on the “Town Hall” screen to display the actual Waxel Ninjas you are holding in your wallet and being able to send them out to find citizens

Next steps

  • Supporting the developer with connecting the pixel art UI with the smart contracts as good as we can
  • As soon as a new feature is finished, test it asap to give feedback to the developer
  • Keep you updated about the development status in our #sneak-peeks channel in Discord and global announcements as usual

Lookout for the week ahead

  • There will be a post regarding the actual values we have planned in theory regarding the Waxel Ninjas how long they will need to find citizens and the success rate based on the 5 different race attributes
  • A new video showcasing another part of the Waxel World UI
  • Podcast together with Overseas Madman to talk about Waxel and NFTs in general
  • Another unpacking event like we did last Saturday, but this time it will be from Saturday to Sunday (48 hours)

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