Open a Waxel Ninja pack for the chance of winning another Waxel Ninja – Event

One of our moderators, @SMITE, had the awesome idea of doing a little event where you will get the chance of winning another Waxel Ninja after opening a Waxel Ninja pack during a certain time frame.


  • The event runs from the 25th of March 2022 11 PM UTC until 26th of March 2022 11 PM UTC (24 hours)
  • During that time you need to open a Waxel Ninja pack and show proof of it to @SMITE
    • Post a link to the opened Waxel Ninja in #showcase and tag @SMITE e.g.: “Hey @SMITE I opened the following Waxel Ninja – AtomicHub link
    • Optionally also make a video of the opening process, tweet about it, include the AtomicHub link, the video and tag our Twitter account @Waxel_NFT
  • The winners will be picked by being added to and @SMITE will do the raffle
    • Posting the link in Discord will give you 1 entry
    • Making a video about the opening process and tweeting about it will give you 2 entries
  • Everyone can only participate once
    • This means that opening multiple packs won’t give you multiple entries


  • We from the Waxel team are chipping in this Waxel Ninja
  • If you also want to chip in a Waxel Ninja, contact @SMITE 😉

The first one that wins in the raffle would get the Waxel Ninja from @SMITE and the second one would get the Waxel Ninja from our team.
If you have any questions regarding the event, then contact @SMITE as he is going to take care of everything 😉

Let us see some cool pack openings!

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