Waxel World News #12

Let us get you onto speed regarding the current development status of the Waxel World and what the week ahead will bring.


  • Best news at the start: We hired another developer to help us with the finalisation of the release version of the Waxel World, maintenance and potential fixes who will start mid next week
  • Smart contract wise everything should now be fixed and ready to be tested again
  • I’m personally fully focused on developing the overhauled UI / UX in pixel art style:
    • It is a lot of work and there is very much to consider while creating a pixel art UI because there are certain rules that apply regarding dimension so everything looks good on different resolutions
    • Re-usable templates for most UI elements are ready in order to be able and create new screens way faster and being able to adjust them with just a few clicks for the WHOLE game (for example new art elements, colors, distances etc.)
    • The “Start Screen” is ready with a form to login / create a new wallet and background music
    • The basics for the “Ingame Screen” are ready (map with clickable buildings to open the views for the different features we will have in the release version, top menu with an overview of your resources and the wallet you are logged in with and background music)
    • View for administrating your Waxel Ninjas is also ready
    • Able to quickly upload the whole game to a web server when changes are made in order to see if everything works correctly in the web browser
    • Every day I get more familiar with how to work with Unity (the application we use to develop the Waxel World) which will help the overall development of the Waxel World for the coming years

Here is a sneak peek of how the pixel art style UI will most probably look like with the “Town Hall” as an example (colors and art could still change):

Lookout for the upcoming week

  • More sneak peeks of the ingame screen and finally showing the whole piece
  • Release of the last missing art piece from the settlement upgrades
  • Keeping you updated on the current development status (mostly in Discord in our #general channel)

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