Waxel World News #11

Another update for the current state of the Waxel World.

We are still full in testing mode, submitting bugs, developers fixing them and then retesting.
At the same time we are working on a completely new UI that will give you the complete 90s vibe pixel art style 😉

We attached a video that will show you all the features for the professions that are currently working (only blending of professions is missing):

  • Registering of professions
  • Unregistering of professions
  • Sending the professions to “work” in order to find new materials
  • Refining of materials
  • Equipping of items
  • Unequipping of items
  • Upgrading of the settlement for each gatherer profession (miner, farmer and lumberjack) to extend the limit of usable professions and getting the 5% bonus in finding more materials

Please keep in mind that the current UI is just a quick prototype to connect the UI with the smart contract actions and all values for timings etc. are just for quicker testing purposes!

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