Waxel World News #10

It is time to give you all an update on the current state of the Waxel World.

Right now we are hard at testing the alpha version of the Waxel World, submitting bugs that have been found to the developers so they can fix them and let us test further.

What we have been able to test:

What we couldn’t test yet because we found bugs stopping us:

  • Blending of citizens into professions
  • Crafting items

Here is a short video showing you the login, registering of Waxel Ninjas and searching for citizens process:

Please keep in mind that the current UI is just a quick prototype to connect the UI with the smart contract actions and will look totally different for the release version!

Next steps:

  • Fix all submitted bugs
  • Integrate the actual ingame screen
  • Adjust the UI / UX to get the pixel art vibe we all love
  • Constant testing after each fix and implementation of new features
  • Add the ingame soundtrack our composer is currently working on
  • Bring the whole thing to the main net

We still got some work ahead of us, but are making good progress and take our time to deliver you a game of high quality 🙂

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