Waxel World Lore – Community Project

Did anyone call for Waxel World Lore?
Well some community members did several times and now we are going to put some action behind it or better said the community will 😉

As you all know we are just a pretty small core team of only 3 people with an additional hired developer.
Because of that we need to focus on the most important things first and for us at the moment this is clearly getting the game out, plan things for after the launch and spread the word about Waxel overall.
Therefore the topic “Lore” is not very high on our priority list, but as some people in our community desperately want it, together we came to the following conclusion:

  • The community will be responsible for coming up with ideas for the Waxel World Lore and writing it, so the driving force here will be the community members
  • We from the team will only give some guidance and have the final saying if the things get approved or not after discussing with the community members responsible for the Waxel World Lore
  • Our very dedicated community members SMITE, Randomking and TheDude have been the first to show interest and will do the first steps
    • Other community members can join if they want, but the spots are pretty limited (special private channel, working with miro and Google docs / sheests)
    • If you want to join, contact 1 of the 3 members and they will decide if you can be part of this community project or not

Nobody from us knows if this will work or not, so we will just start and see how it develops 😉

Personally we are very happy about our awesome community that wants to build this project with us together how we have imagined it from the first day!

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