Waxel Ninjas x The Clowns – Collaboration Drop

The collaboration drop between Oliver Hassel and the Waxel Ninjas based on the Waxel Ninjas collectible finally here!

Details about the NFT:

  • Oliver Hassel is the artist behind the clown and we did the background and Waxel Ninjas
  • A big thank you goes out to CollectingCoins from AGORA for establishing the connection between us
  • This is our first NFT with an animted background, shadows and glowing effects
    • Can you spot all the details?
  • We hope that you like this NFT as about 40 hours of work went into it

Details about the drop:

  • You will be able to purchase this NFT on the 30th September at 6PM CEST on NeftyBlocks
  • The price is set to $20.00 pegged to WAX and only 25 will ever exist!
  • Every account can only purchase 1 every 10 minutes

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