Waxel Ninjas x Paulie the Penguin – Collaboration Drop

Time for our first collaboration drop!

This drop is collaboration between our Waxel Friend – Paulie the Penguin from Pixel Labs and our Waxel Ninjas based on the Waxel Ninjas collectible.

On the 20.09.2021 at 6 PM CEST (in about 2 days) you will be able to buy 4 different NFTs for $1 each (max 200 claimable) (2 from Paulie the Penguin and 2 from us) and then be able to blend them together to a special new one by burning the 4 other:

Links to every drop and the final blend:

We thank our Waxel Friend Paulie the Penguin for this collaboration and hope for many more in the future 😉
Please join his Discord and give him a follow on Twitter.

Have fun and happy blending!

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