Waxel Ninjas – Finding Citizens adjustment

For weeks now, the Waxel Ninjas have been marching through the new land they have discovered months ago…
In the early days it was not big of a problem to find new Citizens in order to join their settlement and help building it up.
But now it seems that it is getting harder and harder each week. Especially human and orc Waxel Ninjas are coming back from their search without any new Citizens to join them…

Technical Details

From now on the new chances for finding Citizens with your Waxel Ninjas will be as follows:

  • Human: From 85% down to 50% (35% reduction)
  • Orc: From 87% down to 55% (32% reduction)
  • Undead: From 89% down to 62% (27% reduction)
  • Elf: From 92% down to 70% (22% reduction)
  • Demon: From 95% down to 80% (15% reduction)

With these first adjustments we hope to achieve a more sustainable economy over time, giving your Citizens more value as fewer get found each day.

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