Waxel Ninjas are celebrating Halloween

Halloween is around the corner and we wanted to make one post that includes everything that is planned for Halloween!

Special Waxel Ninjas Halloween pack

  • Time frame: October 30th 4PM CEST until November 1st 4PM CEST
  • Content: 1 of 7 random disguised Waxel Ninjas (equal probability)
  • Price: $2 per pack
  • Quantity: Unlimited
  • Link to the drop: NeftyBlocks

All 7 different costumes without background:

Example of all 7 different costumes with background and how they look by getting one out of a pack:

Waxel Halloween Contest

  • Prizes:
    • 1. Waxel Ninja Collectibles Pack 1x
    • 2. Waxel Ninja Halloween Packs 10x
    • 3. Waxel Ninja Halloween Packs 5x
  • Still running until October 30th 00:00 AM CEST
  • Voting takes place in our Discord in the “#????halloween” channel
  • More details

Waxel Ninjas x NeftyBlocks – Halloween Collaboration

  • We are 1 of 39 projects that are collaborating with NeftyBlocks for their Halloween pack
  • Every collection contributed 1 NFT in 3 different versions (common, rare and epic)
  • To get one join the Discord from NeftyBlocks
  • Write !trick-or-treat in their specific channel and get 1 pack for free every 12 hours
  • More details


  • During Halloween we will run a lot of random giveaways and quizzes where you will be able to win Waxel Ninja Halloween packs and the NeftyBlocks collaboration packs
  • Every wallet that holds at least 1 Waxel Ninja Avatar will get 1 pack airdropped to the wallet (snapshot will be taken prior to the pack drop launch)

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