Waxel Halloween Contest

Halloween is just around the corner and we wanted to create something special in addition to the Halloween packs.
Since some of you told us that even your family and kids like our Ninjas, we thought about a HALLOWEEN CONTEST in which we wanna see your (or your families / kids) impressions and ideas about our Ninjas and Halloween.

It doesn’t matter if you, cave a pumpkin, create a logo or meme, draw or paint a picture (digital or on paper), bake, cook, handicraft, program or if your kids do a window color or color in a Waxel Ninja on a paper – as long is it Waxel Ninja and Halloween related.

We will create an extra channel for the contest (for white belt member and member with a higher rank).
Since we want to make sure that each project will be seen (and does not get lost between text messages), please send the project via direct message to one of the admins or mods (they will post it into the channel so the others can vote).
Everyone can vote (with the pumpkin emoji) on multiple entries, but only once per entry. The picture with the most pumpkin emojis on October 30 will win. Second and third place are the posts wich are following.

You can send your art and vote from today until October 30 (00:00 AM CEST) and the winner will be announced on Halloween (October 31).

If you have friends and family who want to vote – feel free to invite them to our discord server and tell them that a couple of messages will be enough to gain a white belt.

The prizes are the following:

  1. 1 x Waxel Ninja Collectibles Pack
  2. 10 x Waxel Ninja Halloween Packs
  3. 5 x Waxel Ninja Halloween Packs

If you have any questions feel free to ask or text an admin or one of the mods directly.

PS: Since some of the team are hyped to handicraft we will take part as well and if we should win we will raffle our prizes to the community

Here is the according tweet if you want to share.

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