Waxel Newsflash #7

Time for an overall update for Waxel 🙂


As you all know things seem to be pretty slow right now in our Discord and sales are not great this month compared to the past 2, but there is not really much we can do about it as this is just current state pretty much across the whole NFT and crypto space (we are constantly in contact with other creators).
Reasons for this are the following:

  • The current global market situation is devastating across every space no matter if it is crypto, NFTs or stocks
    • In our special case the price of $WAX went down by over 60% in the past weeks
  • Because of the war in Ukraine, Covid and inflation rates of over 10% pretty much in every country, the global supply chain is suffering hard and prices are exploding
    • Prices for energy went up by 30-50%
    • Prices for gas went up by over 70%
    • Global container freight rates went up by over 400% (the big containers you see on ships, trains and trucks that are used to ship goods all over the world)
    • Prices for pretty much all groceries also went up (vegetable oil by over 100%, butter by over 50% etc.)
    • Some goods are simply out of stock and you have to wait months before getting them (best example are new cars)

Because of all of this the majority of people are simply less willing to spend their hard earned money on fun stuff like video games and NFTs, when they need everything they earn to still be able and live their normal life.

But you don’t have to worry about Waxel! We are still here and are doing our best to build something that we can all enjoy together!

Waxel World

  • First the bad thing… our developer we hired after the first two have left us is simply not responding anymore to any of our messages for over a week
    • We don’t know if something happend to her (she lives in Ukraine) or if she is simply ignoring us (we can see that she has read all our messages!)
  • The good thing is that our new developer is fully onboarded since yesterday and ready to rock !
    • While I (Ryu) was on vacation last week, he got familiar with our concepts, acceptance criteria, tools, formulas and code base
    • He already deployed a new version of the smart contract and is cleaning up / fixing the stuff of our previous developer
  • We asked the guys from NeftyBlocks to review our smart contract
    • They found some things that could be done better, but overall it looks good
    • We will make sure to adjust the things that they recommended before the release
    • A big thank you goes out to NeftyBlocks for helping us!


  • Next week (27th to 29th of Mai) DYGYCON #9 is happening and we (especially Frittchen!) are in full preparation mode for that
  • Like last time, we are going to have a booth and try to be online as much as possible to connect with you, new people and other projects
  • Stay tuned as we planned some cool things that we will unfold leading to the event 😉

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