Start of AtomicHub Discord with a Huge Giveaway

Today the official Discord form AtomicHub was started!

A total of 75 different projects in the WAX ecosystem donated over 2,500 NFTs worth over 30,000 WAX for giveaways!

Waxel also donated some NFTs, so join the Discord and show them what a great community we are 🙂

This is another opportunity for our project to create new relationships and shape the future of the WAX ecosystem 😉

You can find an article about the start of the AtomicHub server here.

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3 thoughts on “Start of AtomicHub Discord with a Huge Giveaway”

  1. Very nice my friends. I’ve been waiting for something like this or for wax to upgrade some of the functionality on the subject communication. Hell ya! Culinaryjedi in the hizouse!! 4c4uk.wam

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