Showcase of new UI for Waxel World

Just wanted to showcase you the new UI for the Waxel World in a short video that will highlight the following:

  • Start screen:
    • Login with WAX cloud or Anchor wallet
    • Link to guide how to create a wallet
  • Ingame map:
    • Resources at the top left
    • Account at the top right to log out
    • All 7 buildings
    • Animated characters 😉
  • Town Hall screen:
    • Default view without selecting any Waxel Ninja
    • View without having a Waxel Ninja with that specific race
    • View with having a Waxel Ninja with that specific race
    • Popup after a successful search
    • View for settlement upgrades

Please keep in mind that this is still early development and subject to change, but overall the UI will stay in this direction.

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