Settlement Upgrades – Price Reduction of 50%

We got some good news for everyone that played with the idea to buy a Settlement Upgrade NFT, but the price was too high for them OR has already bought 1 or more in the past.

Looking back the price point we set for the Settlement Upgrades was too high considering the downtrend of the complete crypto / NFT space.
Additionally the financial situation all over the world seems to get worse and worse each week with prices for daily living skyrocketing.

Therefore we decided to do the following:

  • The price for EVERY Settlement Upgrade was reduced by 50%
  • Everyone who has bought 1 of any Settlement Upgrade in the past will get 1 more airdropped to his/her wallet (a snapshot has been taken)
    • For example if you bought 1 Mine and 2 Camps, you will get airdropped 1 more Mine and 2 more Camps (this was already done prior to this post)
  • The whitelist drops with 10% discount for Waxel Ninja Avatar holders are going to be removed and the remaining contingent added to the public drops
  • The total amount for each Settlement Upgrade will stay the same at 200

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