Milestone #1 – 2,000 purchased Waxel Ninja collectible packs

Thanks to you all out there it really happened and we reached our first milestone of 2,000 purchased Waxel Ninja collectible packs!

This means that we will airdrop 1 pack each to 10 random people that bought at least 1 pack until this moment!

A snapshot of all accounts has been taken.
Tomorrow we will randomly choose 10 accounts and send the lucky people 1 pack each.

Thank you again for believing in this project, us and especially the community the whole time.

We will build further no matter the numbers and are looking forward to release the Waxel World soon!

Edit 11.11.2021 – Winners of Milestone #1

Overall we had 251 unique buyers until 2,000 sold packs that were eligible.

To randomly determine the 10 winners, we have used wheelofnames.
We put in the list of the 251 accounts and spin the wheel 10 times.

The winning accounts were the following:

  • zvkvw.wam
  • hqsay.wam
  • mgdxa.wam
  • akeak.wam
  • u1bro.wam
  • errau.wam
  • f1s3w.waa
  • hpub2.wam
  • kfwau.wam
  • wr1g2.wam

Congratulations to all the winners! The packs will be send out right now.

Here is the video proof:

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