Banning of accounts that violate the ToS

People that are active in our Discord and follow the #report-bug channel know that we have an issue where somehow a profession suddenly got “18446744073709551615” uses instead of the maximum of “20”.
One user “Jason F | MAD” was so kind and informed us about that issue. Instead of exploiting it, he send the profession to us so we could burn it.
Thank you again very much for how you handled this situation.

It should be clear to everyone that having and using a profession with pretty much unlimited uses is a bug and not intended.
Having it in your wallet no matter if you use it or not is clarified as an exploit and against our ToS!

Unfortunately that bug happened with 5 more professions on the 19th of September and the users having these professions in their wallet didn’t reach out to us like “Jason F | MAD” did. Therefore we are going to ban these accounts and any future accounts who come into possession of such NFTs.

The banned accounts are the following:

  • ifsb.wam
  • .fiic.wam
  • 11z1a.c.wam
  • gsoaw.wam

We are investigating what is causing this issue and will fix it as soon as possible!

What to do if you got banned because of that exploit?

  • Reach out to us in Discord
  • Send the bugged professions to our wallet “waxelvaultxy”
    • In return you are going to get 1 profession with max uses (this is only applicable for the 4 listed banned accounts and not for any future ones!)
  • Afterwards we will lift the ban on your account


We had some responses in Discord regarding this announcement and want to respond to that:

  1. Banning accounts is the easiest way for us to instantly stop the use of exploits to secure the game (common use in pretty much every game)
  2. Informing people about an issue with their account / NFTs is not easy, as there is no direct messaging system on AtomicHub / NeftyBlocks, not everyone is in Discord and the people that are in Discord don’t always have their wallet connected / have multiple wallets
    • By banning an account, the user gets a popup with the following info: “You have been banned. Please contact support at” and knows that something is wrong and what to do to solve the issue
  3. Yes, using the wording “ban” / “banning” was not the best and we will do it differently the next time
    • Also the wording in the info popup will be adjusted to something different in the next update
  4. Depending on how critical potential upcoming exploits could be, we are either going to give a 24h notice to reach out to us before banning or still ban instantly to save the game
  5. We didn’t intend to blame any of the players! We are sorry if anyone feels attacked :pray:
    • In our opinion this was the best way how to inform the players about the exploit and as stated everyone will be unbanned / not banned at all after reaching out to us to solve the issue with this exploit

  • ifsb.wam (already reached out to us and sent the NFT, so we didn’t ban the account)
  • .fiic.wam (reached out to us and sent the NFTs, so account was unbanned)
  • 11z1a.c.wam (already reached out to us and sent the NFT, so we didn’t ban the account)
  • gsoaw.wam (already reached out to us and sent the NFT, so we didn’t ban the account)

All bugged professions are burned!
Thank you very much to everyone 🙂

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