Article about Waxel by the Play to Earn Online Magazine and more

We hope everyone liked our first collaboration drop with Paulie the Penguin from Pixel Labs from yesterday.

Also while the drop was happening something else amazing happened yesterday.

The Play to Earn Online Magazine wrote an article about Waxel Ninjas + Waxel World and we didn’t even knew they were writing one about us. You can check out the article here.

In our opinion they wrote a really good article that perfectly sums up our project.
We are very grateful for being recognised by one of the most famous blogs in the play to earn NFT space.

But wait this is not all!
Matty, the man behind The Metakey project, also mentioned that article and therefore our project in his daily livestream.

You can check out the short part about Waxel here:

PS: What are you guys thinking about eggs?

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