Website Update

With all the different Waxel NFTs and the latest news regarding the Waxel Ninjas Collectible being the core of the upcoming Waxel World it was time to update our website:

  • We added a new page regarding the Waxel Goodies
    • Here you will find all the information regarding our different Waxel Goodies that we currently have, general information regarding each one and where to buy them
  • The top navigation was restructured
    • We now got the following menu points “Blog / Waxel Ninjas Collectible / More Waxel NFTs / Other / Roadmap” with correspoding further pages in the sub menu by hovering over them
    • All our social media channels have been added as icons
    • A search function was added to find all the stuff more easily (thanks to new data via blog posts)
  • Roadmap and Waxel Ninjas Collectible have been updated with the latest infos, that the WNC will be the core for the Waxel World
  • The frontpage was restructured
    • At the top you will find our currently most important NFT – Currently the WNC and work on the Waxel World
    • In the center the latest 3 blog posts will be displayed
    • At the bottom our 3 further NFT categories are mentioned – Waxel Ninja Avatars / Waxel Goodies / Waxel Friends

The update was made to give a clearer structure about the Waxel project, what functionality each NFT category has and to show the importance of the Waxel Ninjas Collectibe for new people that stumble upon our project 🙂

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