Waxel Newsflash #4

Time for a little news flash about what is currently happening in the headquarters over at Waxel.

Waxel in general:

  • Tomorrow at 11PM CEST I (Ryu) will be live at the Onchain & Uncut podcast from Agora Ltd. to talk a bit about the NFT space and Waxel EDIT: Postponed to in about 2-3 weeks
  • Next week ont the 30th September at 6PM CEST we are going to drop another collaboration NFT (more news will follow the next days)
    • There are already even more collaborations in the pipeline so stay tuned 😉
  • Just 165 more Waxel Ninjas Packs and we will reach our first milestone of 2,000 sold packs

Waxel World:

  • Wa are creating an overview of all the features that are planned for now, what to begin with etc. so we can start with the development
  • Speaking of that, we found a software engineer that will help us with the development of the smart contract parts
  • As we want to have a long and healthy economy in the Waxel World and are currently juggling ideas around for a deflationary feature
    • For example in the real world citizens get older and won’t really be able to work their whole life or the tools they are using could break at some point


  • As some of you know I (Ryu) quit my day job 2 months ago, this week was the last one at the office and from tomorrow on I will be solely working on the Waxel project
  • Also Frittchen is finishing some of her prior projects and will also be even more committed to Waxel starting from October on

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